WaterJet Cutting

The HSM-MODAL can be easily coupled with a WaterJet system. The speed and accuracy of our CNC system make the combination unique.

The customer may use water while cutting all metal alloys materials as well as Composite and honeycomb materials.

It may be a great option for artistic or glass materials which can be easily cut.

Optionally, the beading of abrasive additives in the water jet is necessary for thicker and harder materials.

As a rule, the water jet nozzle is guided at a small distance of 3 mm to the surface of the object to be cut along the cutting path and the material is cut by a jet of water (about 0.3 to 0.6 mm in Diameter).

In addition to the well-known advantages of waterjet cutting, the use of HSM-MODAL gives the customer the advantage that even with large objects, such as long aerspace parts or yachts, he can use the waterjet cutting process in both 3-axis and 5-axis operation. The open architecture of the HSM-MODAL in the longitudinal direction also allows the customer to set up a waterjet cutting line if required and to use the waterjet process efficiently for his purposes and tasks.


The nozzle of the water jet is guided at a small distance of 3 mm above the surface of the object to be cut. The high pressure of the water jet of over 4000 bar causes the material to be entrained along the cutting contour. The cross section strength of the water jet is between 0.3 and 0.6 mm.

Up to a material thickness of 10 mm, glass fiber reinforced materials, e.g. used for boat hulls, can be worked with clear water.

For thicker or harder materials, such as Carbon Fiber, steel or concrete, an Abrasive as corundum has to be added to the water jet.

The individual grains of sand are transported by the water jet at high speed through and thus produce the effect of an endless sanding belt

If you are interested in automating your process, if you have doubts about how far we can go, or if you simply want to know more about EEW-PROTEC, please contact us.


Waterjet Cutting-Cutting of almost all materials and large material thicknesses possible..
-No material distortion due to heat.
-Narrow kerfs of 0.3mm possible.
-Very good cut quality.
-Good automation of the process.
Laser Cutting-High contour accuracy when Cutting small or medium thick sheets.
-Fast Cutting of thin sheets possible.
-Cutting of sophisticated shapes possible, i.a. small holes and acute angle.
-Right-angled cutting edges Low efficiency (CO2 laser up to 10%).
-Very good automation.
-Very small kerf width (0.2 – 0.4 mm).
Plasma Cutting-Cutting of all (electrically) conductive materials possible.
-Alternative when Cutting High-alloy steels and aluminum materials in medium and larger thicknesses.
-Very suitable for cutting structural steel from thicknesses up to 30 mm
-Cutting High-strength structural steels with Low heat input possible.
-Fast Cutting even of hard materials possible.
-Very good automation.