Lightweight & Fast CNC Machines

Services We Provide

Processes Automation

Turn-key Projects:  Engineering,  Manufacturing  & Set up

Placement of prepregs, fabrics and rovings;

Milling, Grinding, Fiber Repair, Surface Preparation

Lightweight & fast CNC Machines

Own Technology enables high Speed and high accuracy CNC

Suitable for Big parts as Boats, Windblades or aerospace parts

Carbon Fiber Manufacturing

Design and manufacturing of carbon fiber parts.

Engineering and FEM

Why us?


We have a great team of engineers, FEA-calculators, programmers, carbon fiber specialists, assemblers …


We have extensive knowledge both in the technology of Carbon Fiber and in the necessary processes to manufacture it.

We got the Experience

We are backed by 40 years of experience in the automation of industrial processes


ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company


We have a series of patents that make us unique.


We deliver our turnkey machines anywhere in the world.

We have done it!


Know more about our experience…

Greeting from the Management

Joachim Knapp

Joachim Knapp

Chief Executive Officer

Dear guest:

I feel very proud to introduce you EEW-PROTEC throughout this web page and  I would like to welcome you.

EEW-Protec is an organization that develops a huge and continuous effort in order to keep us in the first line of the technological innovations in the industrial fields where we operate. The strategy of the company is focused on adding value to our customers by solving their process problems in a unique way.

However, I am not here to explain to you how good we are, but to let you know that in the mix of different ingredients that are needed to get this result, we are very lucky to have the most important one on board. And this resource is our people.

I read somewhere that the first customer of a company is their employees and I fully agree with it. Without the participation, enthusiasm, passion, and talent of our team, I’m sure that it will be totally impossible to develop the solutions we offer. That’s why I would like to dedicate this message to highlight the value of these, who are involved in this exciting project.

I hope that you find in this page the information and support you need…

With my best regards,