CNC Machines

CNC milling of more complex components is much simpler than the creation of components by manual processes and very high accuracies can be achieved.

Automatic milling generally leads to more precise results than manual milling and is widely used in the industry.

HSM-MODAL can perform 5-axis milling. This means that customers can easily and directly produce objects with curved or complex, uneven surfaces themselves using the machine. As a result, mold construction in shipbuilding and foundries, for example, is simplified considerably. With the HSM-MODAL the customer can achieve a very good milling accuracy of less than ± 0.1mm and a high surface consistency. This accuracy is achieved through several machining procedures, as is usually the case with automatic milling, and includes the basic milling procedures “roughing” and “finishing”.

The HSM-MODAL features very high travel speeds of up to 150 m/min and very high accelerations of up to 5m/s². This speed can also be employed as milling speed. The milling speed obtainable in practice depends on different influencing factors such as the composition of the material to be milled, the rotational speed of the spindle, the tools used and the desired surface quality.

Independent of these factors, and in contrast to comparable 5-axis machines presently available, with HSM-MODAL the customer can, however, mill at the maximum cutting speeds recommended by the material manufacturers for different surface qualities.

This applies in particular to light materials such as foams.

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With HSM-MODAL the customer can also drill. HSM-MODAL enables the customer to drill holes in 3D workpieces from any angle. With regard to drilling, the customer has a choice of different drilling variations.

Customers have the advantage, depending on the size of HSM-MODAL, that they can furnish large objects with drill holes without having to painstakingly move or dismantle the object into smaller parts. Furthermore, the relatively high torque of the spindle of HSM-MODAL is advantageous for the drilling function as lower rotational speeds are used in the fields of drilling.

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