Plasma Cutting

The HSM-MODAL can be easily coupled with a  Plasma cutting system. The speed and accuracy of our CNC system make the combination unique.

Plasma arc cutting is the best solution for cutting high-alloyed steels and aluminum materials. Additionally, it is especially suitable for the thin and medium construction steel fields, i.e. up to a thickness of 30 mm.

The customer can also employ HSM-MODAL in this field to cut large workpieces to size in one step using plasma technology. It should be noted that the customer can construct a purpose-built plasma arc cutting path as the open architecture of HSM-MODAL allows the objects being worked on to pass through lengthways.

As a general rule most applications also offer the customer the possibility to cut materials with the help of a laser or water jet. The advantages and disadvantages of each method need to be compared to each other in such cases.

If you are interested in automating your process, if you have doubts about how far we can go, or if you simply want to know more about EEW-PROTEC, please contact us.


Waterjet Cutting-Cutting of almost all materials and large material thicknesses possible..
-No material distortion due to heat.
-Narrow kerfs of 0.3mm possible.
-Very good cut quality.
-Good automation of the process.
Laser Cutting-High contour accuracy when Cutting small or medium thick sheets.
-Fast Cutting of thin sheets possible.
-Cutting of sophisticated shapes possible, i.a. small holes and acute angle.
-Right-angled cutting edges Low efficiency (CO2 laser up to 10%).
-Very good automation.
-Very small kerf width (0.2 – 0.4 mm).
Plasma Cutting-Cutting of all (electrically) conductive materials possible.
-Alternative when Cutting High-alloy steels and aluminum materials in medium and larger thicknesses.
-Very suitable for cutting structural steel from thicknesses up to 30 mm
-Cutting High-strength structural steels with Low heat input possible.
-Fast Cutting even of hard materials possible.
-Very good automation.