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We take care of our customers in a comprehensive way. Our customer care philosophy is:


Honesty – Reliability – Competence.


Our customer care ranges from the determination of the customers’ needs to a wide range of services such as the training of our customer’s employees with regard to the operation of the processing centre.


A customer project contains the following steps:


Firstly, we talk to our customer to determine his needs and technical requirements concerning the HSM-MODAL®. If the standard sizes of the HSM-MODAL® do not meet his demands, we can offer a customized version of our processing centre.


Secondly, we submit an official quote for the chosen type of HSM-MODAL®.


If this quote is accepted and a binding contract signed, we start manufacturing the ordered model of the HSM-MODAL®.


When production is completed, we inspect the machine together with our customer in Kiel. In order to be able to conduct a proper inspection, we erect the processing centre in our large machine hall and show the operating machine to our customer. This way, we prove to our customer that his future machine actually works.


After this demonstration we take care of the transport of the respective HSM-MODAL® to the customer’s site. EEW’s qualified service personnel or a certi.ed service partner firm erects the processing centre and makes some final adjustments.


Subsequently, we train our customer’s employees with regard to the correct and safe operation of the HSM-MODAL®. Any further queries that might arise after training will naturally be attended to.


Finally, we determine our customer’s needs for further service package-deals. If requested, we are also pleased to discuss this service issue at an earlier stage of the project. We can offer our customer a wide range of services, for example maintenance contracts. These contracts ensure that the HSM-MODAL®will run smoothly and reliably over a long period of time and that operating software will be updated when new software versions are available.





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