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Blade Production

In this section you can find information on possible applications of HSM-MODAL® in the production of rotor blades.


When does it make sense to use HSM-MODAL®?


In the following circumstances:

  •   For the construction of negative moulds for rotor blades in one piece, especially for the long rotor blades of the latest and most powerful wind power plants

  •   When the reproduction of rotor blades with a high level of accuracy and consistent quality is of the utmost importance

  •   When short rotor blade production times are desired


    For which tasks can a customer use HSM-MODAL®?


    HSM-Modal is ideal for the following tasks in the area of rotor blade production:

  •   Milling of negative moulds (direct moulds) and finishing of rotor blade moulds fitted with carbon-fibre mats

  •   Trimming of the moulds via milling

  •   Extrusion (pasting) of the corresponding moulds with polyester, epoxy, polyurethane or other materials that can be mechanically applied using a pump or spraying equipment


    What advantages does HSM-MODAL®offer the customer?


    HSM-MODAL® offers many benefits to the customer. Normally it can be operated fully automatically and, if required, it can be controlled by a single operator. Depending on the application, the customer will benefit from the following specific advantages:

    Application Advantages/Benefits
    Milling Even very large blade moulds (up to 151m) can be milled in one piece.
    The maximum cutting speed of the material manufacturer can be achieved. This means that blade moulds can be very quickly and cleanly milled.
    Due to the high milling speed of HSM-MODAL®, broken or damaged blade moulds can be remilled or repaired within a short period of time.
    Milling-time is very short which allows for a flexible response to improved design ideas due to new research and empirical findings. Completely new blade moulds or changes to existing ones can be produced at short notice.
    Fewer moulds need to be retained leading to a reduced requirement for storage space.
    Moulds can be trimmed accurately, rapidly and smoothly via milling.
    Große Rotorblattformen können in den größeren Ausführungen der Maschine leicht in einem Stück gefräst werden. Damit kann die Notwendigkeit entfallen, Formen in mehrere Komponenten zu zerlegen, um diese einzeln fräsen und später zur endgültigen Form zusammensetzen zu können.
    Die Schleif- und Polierergebnisse sind wiederholbar.
    Extruding Extrusions can quickly be applied to both small and large surfaces. Unlike with manual application, the extruded lines of paste are evenly applied and do not contain air bubbles. This ensures a perfect surface after subsequent milling.
    HSM-MODAL® can be used with all standard mixing and application units for multi-component resin.

    Where can I find further information?


    If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to arrange either an individual consultation or an appointment for a demonstration of HSM-MODAL®.





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