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Casting companies and mould construction

Here you can find information about possible uses for HSM-MODAL® in mould construction, with particular regard to the needs of casting companies. In order to construct moulds as quickly and economically as possible, sand milling will become the method of choice in future ? especially for small or medium-sized casting jobs.


When does it make sense to use HSM-MODAL®?


In the following circumstances:

  •   Where sand moulds are being used

  •   For the construction of both small sand moulds (measuring < 1 m), and for those with medium or large dimensions (> 1 m and < 150 m in length)

  •   For precision moulds and/or when high quality surfaces are required

  •   When high machining and finishing speeds, thus short production times, are desired

  •   To reduce storage space requirement ? instead of storing, new moulds can quickly be made on demand


    For which tasks can a customer use HSM-MODAL®?


    HSM-MODAL® is ideal for the following:

  •   Milling of the negative moulds (direct moulds) from blocks of special sand composites (which will vary according to the material being cast)

  •   Grinding and polishing of cast objects


    What advantages does HSM-MODAL®offer the customer?


    HSM-MODAL® offers many benefits to the customer. Normally it can be operated fully automatically and, if required, it can be controlled by a single operator. Depending on the application, the customer will benefit from the following specific advantages:

    MillingThe maximum cutting speed of the material manufacturer can be achieved. This means that the moulds can be very quickly and cleanly milled. The need for costly and time-consuming reworking with CNC machines is usually eliminated.
    Due to the high milling speed of HSM-Modal, broken or damaged moulds can be remilled within a short period of time.
    Fewer moulds need to be retained leading to a reduced requirement for storage space.
    Even large sand moulds can be milled in one piece.
    Grinding and polishingAll sizes of surface, from small to large, can be evenly and thoroughly grinded and polished.
    Results obtained from grinding and polishing are reproducible.

    Where can I find further information?


    Further information can be found in our case studies. Amongst others, we have completed case studies of the manufacture of moulds for ship’s propellers and valves. The pictures about a manufactured <lin 174>propeller mould and valve mould will give you a first specific impression.


    If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to arrange either an individual consultation or an appointment for a demonstration of HSM-MODAL®.





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