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The HSM-MODAL® is a 5-axis high-speed processing centre. It is built in modules and is very light due to the use of carbon fibre materials in many components. Mainly three vital factors - lightweight components (in particular the gantry), the interpolation capabilities of the CNC control unit, and the processing velocity - determine the precision of the HSM-MODAL®. In operation, the HSM-MODAL® can process objects even at high speeds with great precision, i.e. with a deviation of ± 0.1 mm.


The dimensions of the traversing range of the smallest and largest HSM-MODAL® (length/width/height) are 3 m x 3 m x 1.75 m and 151 m x 12.5 m x 4.25 m, respectively. Traversing ranges of further HSM-MODAL® machines may vary between these two end models so that every customer may find the optimal HSM-MODAL® for his purpose. To be specific: the HSM-MODAL® can adapt its traversing range in 2 m, 1 m and 0.5 m steps (length/width/height) to accommodate individual customer requirements.


A tailor-made HSM-MODAL® can also be constructed, should these options not meet the exact customer specifications. If, at a later date, the HSM-MODAL® needs to produce larger parts, the length can be readily extended to a maximum of 151 m.



Selected characteristics of the HSM-Modal Criteria/Information
Used Materials Carbon fibres, aluminium
X-Axis (traversing range) 3 m – 151 m in 2 m steps
Y-Axis (traversing range) 3 m – 9 m in 1 m steps (standard), max. 12,5 m
Z-Axis (traversing range) 1.75 m – 4.25 m in 0.5 m steps
C-Axis (4th Axis) ± 270°
B-Axis (5th Axis) -100,5° / +90,5°
Feed velocity Up to 150 m/min
Accuracy (20°C ± 1.5°C) ± 0.2 mm in X- and Y-direction, ± 0.17 mm/m in Z-direction
Controlling unit CNC (integrated, computer-aided, numerical control and 3D acquisition system)
CAD/CAM systems Amongst others: Tebis • Pro Engineer • Master Cam • Surf Cam • Cathia • Unigraphics
Installation Reinforced concrete floor with appropriate foundation (floor thickness of 200 mm or more sufficient)




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