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Advantages and Benefits at a glance


The HSM-MODAL® boosts productivity, reduces the energy and manufacturing costs and has a longer lifetime due to its high reliability.


Especially the extremely low operating costs (Energy, Maintenance, wear and tear) as well as the reduced operating times of the parts to machine leave the HSM-MODAL®, economically speaking, unrivaled.


Contact us for a personal quotation, including an economic efficiency calculation for your specific jobs or compared to low cost and sedate heavy machine types.


Criteria   Advantages/Benefits
Stiffness and weight   By the extensive use of CFRP for the machine components, the HSM-MODAL is very stiff and very light at the same time.
Foundation Contrary to heavy machines, no expensive special foundation is required for the HSM-MODAL. The customers can operate our processing centre on a standard concrete floor with a thickness of 200 mm.
Flexibility The HSM-MODAL can subsequently be extended to a total length of 151 m in the X-axis.
Relocation of machine Because of the lightweight and modular design of the machine, the customer can easily relocate the HSM-MODAL with the help of EEW.
Lifetime The low weight of the dynamic parts reduces the balancing powers within the machine. For this reason, the guiding, planet gears and drives wear out only slowly.
Maintenance The self-cleaning guiding rollers are wear-resistant and do not require a lot of maintenance, which means well spaced-out maintenance cycles. Dust and other milling particles do not effect the guiding and drives negatively.
Power consumption The HSM-MODAL only consumes 7 kW of power during the working process which is low for such a machine.
Tool positioning The HSM-MODAL is equipped with an absolute tool positioning system. In combination with the fast CNC control unit, this system is easy to handle and operate.
Acceleration and velocity High acceleration and velocity of up to 150 m/min reduce the processing time.
Accuracy High feed rates and optimised processing routes lead to an accuracy of ± 0.2 mm.
Look-ahead-function The built-in postprocessor works out an analysis of the work piece’s surface before generating the processing cycle. This enables the controller to react with optimum performance and velocity on different radii.
CAD/CAM systems The HSM-MODAL software can be partnered with all existing 3D CAD/CAM systems.



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