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Feed vs. processing velocity:

Both feed and processing velocities are essential with regard to production time.

Yet it is the maximum processing velocity that will influence your actual manufacture output more significantly.

Therefore be aware that the difference between stated feed and processing velocity can be very large.

Thus, be sure to inform yourself about the actual processing velocity of the machine, too!


Theoretical processing vs. real processing speed:

Note that theoretical processing often does not translate to the observed real processing velocity. Thus, pay attention to the issue whether high speed milling (HSM) or high speed cutting (HSC) is promised!

The discrepance between theoretical and practical processing speed is due to the fact that portal machines need a certain distance (so-called ramp) to accelerate to the set processing speed and to decelerate in due time either to halt or to move around the next curve.

The length of these distances is mainly driven by the inertia of the machine system, in particular of the gantry. The heavier the gantry is, the more time the machine requires to reach the desired processing speed.

Therefore it often the case, especially with regard to short processing routes, that heavy steel machines have to start slowing down the gantry very early in order to follow the set route so that they often fail to get close to the wished theoretical processing speed.


This lead to the so-called undesired triangular operation.


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