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Water jet• Can cut almost all materials even if the material is very thick • Loud, wet cutting technique
• Material remains shape/form regardless of temperature increase • Cuts hard materials relatively slowly
• Narrow kerf possible• Comparatively high investment and operating costs (e.g. in comparison to plasma arc cutting up to 20 times less effective depending on the material to be cut and the material thickness)
• Very good cutting quality
• Technique can be largely automated
Laser• High level of contour accuracy when cutting sheet metals of low or medium thickness • Can only cut sheet metals made of construction steel, alloyed steel and aluminium if they are not too thick
• Can cut thin sheet metals rapidly• Cutting reflective material surfaces can be difficult
• Can cut complicated shapes such as small holes and acute angles • In order to cut cleanly, the guidance of the laser head over the workpiece surface needs to be extremely accurate
• Right-angled cutting edges• Low degree of efficiency (CO2 laser max. 10%)
• High level of automation possible
• Relatively high investment and operating costs (high level of gas consumption)
• Very low kerf width (0.2 – 0.4 mm
Plasma arc• Can cut all (electrical) conductive materials • Can only cut materials with a thickness of up to 160 mm when dry cutting
• The best solution for cutting high-alloyed steels and aluminum materials of medium and above average thickness Etwas breitere Schnittfuge
• Very suitable for cutting construction steels of up to 30 mm in thickness
• Can cut high-strength construction steels without a significant temperature increase
• Can cut hard materials rapidly
• Technique can be largely automated





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